The house is located next to a rock formation, in a land with an almond tree plantation and a disused tank. 
The decision to concentrate the building between two almonds and on the deposit allows to minimize the footprint on the place.A polyvalent space covers the entire interior length of the volume, until crossing to the other side of the cistern. The private uses and the kitchen are distributed in parallel to this main space. 
The austere budgetary conditions favor a basic and silent atmosphere.In the interior, the application of transparent varnish allows to leave seen the walls of plaster, wood and concrete pavement. This same attitude of "non-finished" is also applied to the lack of lining of the chimney.On the outside, a coating of plaster with earthy pigments allows to achieve a texture of mineral appearance. 
 The house tries to become a new natural element on the cistern and next to the rock formation.
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