Flexible Lab

Carles Puig / architect in association with HIB labplanners Adelmo Antelo / labplanner Javier Agirre / labplanner Antton Altube / engineer Location: Facultat de Química Universitat de Barcelona. Barcelona. State: Built Project: 2011 Built: 2012 Customer: Universitat de Barcelona Surface: 120 m2 Photographs: Andrés Flajszer Prizes: Selected FAD awards, 2012

This proposal explores the maximum degree of versatility and flexibility in an educational laboratory.
A system of aerial installation allows to conceive the space in a radically diaphanous way, where different elements are arranged according to requestings of use: teaching, practices, demonstrations or work in groups…
The tipology of classroom/laboratory proposed allows the University to adapt its scientific spaces to new challenges that present society demands.
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